Music Arrangements

The iTab 4 Charity Project by tkviper

Project Origins: You get tabs and people get help.
I am motivated to tab and share my arrangements knowing that they open up people’s heart to donate to a charity.
In return for such kindness, I take the time to personally email out copies of my work.
Your donations + my contribution go to charity organisations around the world.
Please note I will NOT email tabs under any other circumstances.

US$4 for 1 song, $6 for 2, $8 for 3, $10 for 4
Once you’ve donated $10, it’ll be $2.50 per song after that.
via PayPal to tkvipergmailcom

** Please don’t forget to specify the tabs you’d like.

Available Tabs are listed below. Please visit here occasionally.

29. 你知道我在等你嗎 Do You Know I’m Waiting For You | Watch Video
28. 朱砂涙 Pearl-Like Tears | Watch Video
27. 只要為你活一天 – Kung Fu Hustle OST | Watch Video
26. 몇번을 헤어져도 – Sad Love Story OST – Piano Version | Watch Video
25. Angel Of Music – The Phantom Of The Opera | Watch Video
24. Painted Heart 畫心 – Painted Skin 畫皮 OST | Watch Video | Watch Video 2
23. Dream Chaser 追夢人 – A Moment Of Romance 天若有情 OST | Watch Video
22. Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Elton John – Lion King OST | Watch Video
21. 容易受傷的女人 – 王靖雯 王菲 Fragile Woman – Faye Wong | Watch Video
20. 春雨彎刀 刀神主題曲 Crescent Blade In Spring Rain – God of Crescent Blade OST | Watch Video
19. Endless Love Version 2 – Myth OST | Watch VideoWatch Video
18. I Dreamed A Dream – Les Miserables | Watch Video
17. 畫情 Painted Love – 畫皮II Painted Skin II – 姚贝娜 Beina Yao | Watch VideoWatch Video
16. 海闊天空 Boundless Oceans Vast Skies – Beyond | Watch Video | Watch Video
15. 許諾 The Promise – 白蛇傳說 The Sorcerer & The White Snake OST | Watch Video | Watch Video
14. A Whole New World (Abridged Version) – Disney’s Aladdin OST | Watch Video
13. 還淚 Return My Tears – 倩女幽魂 Chinese Ghost Story 2011 OST | Watch VideoWatch Video
12. Where Do I Begin – Love Story OST | Watch Video
11. 月亮代表我的心 The Moon Represents My Heart | Watch VideoHear Tab Sample
10. A Gift Of A Thistle – Braveheart Theme | Watch VideoHear Tab Sample
9. 情義兩心堅 Undying Love – 神鵰俠侶 Return of the Condor Hero Theme | Watch VideoHear Tab Sample
8. 黃飛鴻 男兒當自強 將軍令 Wong Fei Hung – Once Upon A China Theme | Watch VideoHear Tab Sample
7. 黎明不要來 倩女幽魂 Chinese Ghost Story Theme Song | Watch VideoHear Tab Sample
6. 몇번을 헤어져도 – Sad Love Story Sub-Theme Song – Guitar Tabs | Watch VideoHear Tab Sample
5. 몇번을 헤어져도 – Sad Love Story Sub-Theme Song – Piano Score | Watch VideoHear Tab SampleHear Tab Sample 2 – Delay Effect Added
4. 射鵰英雄傳之鐵血丹心 Legend of the Condor Hero | Watch VideoWatch Video
3. Secret 不能說的秘密 Jay Chou’s One Hand Piano Melody for Guitar | Watch VideoHear Tab Sample
2. The Swan – Saint Saens – for Classical Guitar | Watch VideoHear Tab Sample
1. Ice Dance – Edward Scissorhands OST | Watch VideoHear Tab Sample

Free Guitar Tabs – Donations are welcomed and appreciated.

Please show support by downloading my iOS Apps for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
2013-04-08 Endless Love Version 1 – Myth OST Download
2008-03-25 Tong Hua Fairy Tales – Michael Huang Download
2008-08-13 Dandelions Promise – Jay Chou Download
2008-09-15 Ju Hua Tai Chrysanthemum Flower Bed – Jay Chou Download
2008-12-25 First Kiss – Secret OST – Jay Chou Download
2010-06-15 Swordsman Download

Your donations have made the following possible. Thank you.

For the 2010 Haiti Earthquake
$200 for Philippines Heiyan Tyhoon victims
For the 2011 Japan Earthquake
$200 for Philippines Heiyan Tyhoon victims
For the 2013 Philippines Heiyan Tyhoon
$200 for Philippines Heiyan Tyhoon victims
For the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
$200 for Philippines Heiyan Tyhoon victims

13 Responses to Music Arrangements

  1. Tom says:

    Can I please get the tabs for Condor Heroes, Return of the Condor Heroes, and Chinese Ghost Story? I like how you play them and would really like to learn these songs.

    • admin says:

      I’m raising money for Japan earthquake relief with my newer tabs. It’s the only reason why I decided to take the effort to write them. Please donate $2 & up for each tab you want and 100% of your donations will go to Japan.

  2. Boon says:

    There’s quite a number of tabs couldn’t be found here yet? ): Was hoping there’s more to come up. Thanks! (:

    • admin says:

      Not enough time. I have 300+ guitar arrangements on YouTube; there’s no way I’ll ever be able to tab them all. What’s here on this page is all that I have for now. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Jacky Chan says:

    Thank you very much for the score although I haven’t tried it out yet. As a small token of appreciation, I donated £5 to your account. Trust that you’ll appreciate it. Let me try it out and see how I get on. Thank you once again, it might restart my interest in playing guitar – I left it for too long, really! Keep up with the good work.

  4. Paul says:

    awesome. i just donated $1. i love your arrangement of sad love story. i was wondering if can get the tabs. thank you so much

  5. marco says:

    your arrangements are awesome!!Legend of the Condor Hero is one of my favourite, keep up the good work!!

  6. wijaya says:

    i’m anxious for your newer version of “endless love” by jacky chan tab. the newer version is overkill man.

    gotta love the tab. heheheh ^^

  7. Max says:

    I live in the UK so I can’t donate using us dollards will this be a problem?

  8. Jacky says:

    How are you? I love your 容易受傷的女人 guitar music. Any chance of sharing your music? I’d make a donation as per normal. Look forward to hearing from you.

  9. Amir says:

    Hello sir! I’ve just seen your cover of In the End by Linkin Park.. its amazing! Can you pleasee tab it out?!

    • admin says:

      Only when I have time. Tabbing a song is tedious and time-consuming work. Thanks for watching my videos. I always upload a video to announce new tabs so please subscribe to my Youtube channel to get notified. Have a good day.

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