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iPlay Guitar, Harp, and Kalimba all use the 4-by-5, 20 key instrument interface to perform high level music. This innovative interface was designed by aspiring musician Wilson Kong (tkviper on YouTube) to be the most playable on a mobile device. By laying out the 20 keys with a scale mode, players have access to nearly 3 octaves on the screen by hiding notes that do not belong in the scale. Your left hand plays the chords and the right thumb plays the melody.

Players can share recorded arrangements online. In practice mode, simply follow green lights that appear.
There’s also a printable library of all user arrangements here.

iPlay CF (Chinese Flute) is the earliest prototype of the current iPlay series. Its 15-key interface allows musicians to play beautiful solos. Please note due to the fact that iPlay CF was developed before the current iPlay series, it does not support recording and the iPlay music arrangement library.

iPlay Duets is a music category of its own. Its duel interfaces give musicians the power to experiment with 2 instruments at the same time. There are 23 instruments included so that’s 23 x 23 possible combinations. If you’ve ever wondered what an Indian Sitar would sound like with a Japanese Koto or a Panflute and a cello, then iPlay Duets is definitely up your alley. Please note iPlay Duets is not compatible with the current iPlay Series due to its structural and developmental differences.

Awesome Features:
* Bend or vibrate (vibrato/tremolo) notes like on an electric guitar by sliding your fingers left and right. From the center to the edge, it goes up 2 semi-tones.

* 26 Scale types, each giving your a different musical atmosphere. Slide your fingers up and down a scale like you’re a soloist. You can play along to your iTunes library, play solo, or play with a partner.

* Personalize the app with wallpapers taken with a Nikon D300 SLR or import your own wallpapers from your photo library.

* Included Instruments
Accordion, Bagpipes, Cello, Church Organ, Clarinet, Classical Guitar, Distortion Guitar, Dulcimer, Flute, Grand Piano, Harmonics (Classical Guitar), Harmonics (Distortion Guitar), Korean Kayageum, Koto, Pan Flute, Pizzicato String, Shakuhachi, Shamisen, Sitar, Slap Bass, Strings, Tenor Sax, Xylophone

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