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2. (4% transaction fee)

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Large items like Japanese Koto (180cm+) are shipped via FedEx

Zithers & Lutes – Click Images For Photo & Video

Kimura Chigusa Taishogoto – US $1351DB057A3-8751-48CB-8222-1D34E76321ED
4 Feet Koto – US $550 (Popular Item)Mini 48cm Japanese Koto
Suzuki “Orchid” Alto Electic Taishogoto – US $200 Mini 48cm Japanese Koto
Kawai Acoustic Taishogoto – US $150 Mini 48cm Japanese Koto
Rare Premium Japanese Ichigenkin Set – US $500Rare Premium Japanese Ichigenkin Set

Mini Guqin (Taishogoto Conversion) – US$150Mini Guqin Taishogoto Harp
Mini Guqin (Taishogoto Conversion) – US$125Mini Guqin Taishogoto Harp
Mini Guqin (Taishogoto Conversion) – US$100Mini Guqin Taishogoto Harp

Root-End Shakuhachi – Click Images For Details
Terminology & Definitions:
Ji-Ari = Smooth & shiny plastered bore
Ji-Nashi = Natural bamboo bore with visible bamboo nodes
Nobe-Kan = Long one-piece shakuhachi
Kinko Ryu = Trapezoid shaped blowing edge inlay
Tozan Ryu = Smiley-Face shaped blowing edge inlay
Branded = Certified by craftsman’s seal

New 2.2 feet Shakuhachi – DaiHo 大宝 – US $800Old Spotted Bamboo Root End @ 444 Grams
Repaired 2.1 feet Shakuhachi – DaiHo 大宝 – $350Antique Bamboo = dry & lightweight
New 2.0 feet Shakuhachi – DaiHo 大宝 – US $800Good Balance of Colors & Spotted Patterns - Aged For Decades
1.9 feet Shakuhachi – Famed SeiKaDoh 精華堂 – US $850 Authentic Japanese Madake Root End

Concert G South American Quena Flute – US $75 Antique Bamboo = dry & lightweight

Non-Root-End Ji-Nashi Shakuhachi

Buyer Feedback
Kikuyae-Brand 菊八重 Taishogoto Harp – US $150 Kikuyae-Brand 菊八重 Taishogoto Harp
pending delivery
Used 1.9 feet Shakuhachi – TsukiYama 月山 – SOLD Authentic Japanese Madake Root End
Suzuki “Orchid” Soprano Electic Taishogoto – SOLD Mini 48cm Japanese Koto
Sounds beauty run through a modular with some effects :)
1.6 feet Shakuhachi – SuiKoh 翠光 – SOLD Antique Bamboo = dry & lightweight
Old Half Koto – SOLDMini 48cm Japanese Koto
The Koto is so beautiful! Thank you very much again!
Zen-on Acoustic-Electric Taishogoto – SOLDMini 48cm Japanese Koto
1.8 feet Shakuhachi – Famed SeiKaDoh 精華堂 – SOLDAuthentic Japanese Madake Root End
It is definitely the nicest root end bamboo flute i have, so thank you!
3′ Half Length Koto – SOLD (popular item)Mini 48cm Japanese Koto
It’s beautiful! Lovely sound and the wood is so pretty.
Premium MatsuYuki Koto Set – SOLDJapanese Full Length Koto
You’ve gone above and beyond to help me get it over to England, and even gone out of your way to replace bridges due to laws.
3′ Half Length Koto – SOLD (popular item) Mini 48cm Japanese Koto
Premium 8-Stringed TaishoGoto Harp – SOLD Premium 8-Stringed TaishoGoto Harp
Peacock-Brand Taishogoto Slide Guitar/Harp – SOLDKikuyae-Brand 菊八重 Taishogoto Harp
Everything arrived today in great condition.
New 2.4 feet Am Pentatonic Shakuhachi by tkviper -SOLD
Demo – Last Of The Mohicans
Demo – Legend of the Condor Hero 射鵰英雄傳之鐵血丹心
Mini 48cm Japanese Koto – SOLD Mini 48cm Japanese Koto
Traveler’s 1.5 Feet Miniature Shakuhachi – SOLD Mini 48cm Japanese Koto
Both instruments have arrived in perfect condition. They’re very beautiful, thank you so much!
Electro-Acoustic Taishogoto Harp – SOLDKikuyae-Brand 菊八重 Taishogoto Harp
Sounds fantastic; better than expected
4 Feet 125cm Koto Set – SOLDJapanese Full Length Koto
The koto arrived and i love it! So much better in person.
2.1 feet Shakuhachi – Soul Searcher 探幽 – SOLDAntique Bamboo = dry & lightweight
Shakuhachi is perfect and as it was described!…I am already thinking my second purchase…
Antique 1.8 feet Shakuhachi – HeiMon 丙文? – SOLDAntique Bamboo = dry & lightweight
“The flute arrived…it’s all good and has a beautiful sound.
Thank you very much for everything”

Mini 48cm Japanese Koto – SOLDMini 48cm Japanese Koto
“It arrived safe and sound. I’m very happy with it!”
Premium Ogawa Koto – SOLDJapanese Full Length Koto
“…It arrived safe and sound…it is sounding beautiful”
Mini Guqin (Taishogoto Conversion) – SOLDMini Guqin Taishogoto Harp
“Instruments arrived in good order thanks…”
Mini Guqin (Taishogoto Conversion) – SOLDMini Guqin Taishogoto Harp
“Thanks again”
NO Brand 1.8 feet Beginner’s Shakuhachi – SOLDNo Brand shakuhachi for beginner
“It’s a beautiful instrument and sounds great. Chances are good that I will be ordering another shakuhachi from you in the future”
1.9 feet Shakuhachi – SenDo 泉童 – SOLDAntique Bamboo = dry & lightweight
“extraordinary instrument! a piece of Japanese culture I admire. Thanks”
Mini Guqin (Taishogoto Conversion) – SOLD Mini Guqin
“All arrived in good condition. I am very happy with the instrument”
13 stringed Japanese Half Koto- SOLD13 stringed Japanese Half Koto
“I am pleased with the instrument”
2.4 feet Ji-Nashi Shakuhachi – NO Brand – SOLDOld Spotted Bamboo Root End @ 444 Grams
“The shakuhachi is magnificient.”
Electric 5-Stringed TaishoGoto Harp by Suzuki – SOLD Japanese Half Koto
“Came early and plays well. May buy more goodies from you down the road.”
5-Stringed TaishoGoto Harp – SOLD Japanese Half Koto
“all in excellent condition”
5-Stringed Mini Guqin (Converted from Taishogoto) – SOLD Japanese Half Koto
“all in excellent condition”
Rare 1.2 feet Shakuhachi – TakeHaru 竹治 正律管 – SOLD Antique Bamboo = dry & lightweight
“I’m in love with this Shakuhachi. The tone is incredible and well balanced.”
Pro Grade Japanese Half 90cm Koto – SOLDJapanese Half Koto
“It’s so pretty and got me back in to playing. Thanks again!”
1.8 feet Shakuhachi – No Brand – SOLDAntique Bamboo = dry & lightweight
“The flute is really nice. Thank you very much”
Used 1.7 feet Shakuhachi – JoBan 常磐 – SOLDOld Bamboo - Dry & Lightweight
“Its beautiful!! Thank you :-) I could get the sound out from it but now the notes need to be learned properly. Excited!”
Used Okinawan Sanshin – Like New – SOLD Okinawan Sanshin Lute - Thin Neck
New 2.0/2.1 feet Shakuhachi – ShunSui 峻水 – SOLD63.5cm - C Minor Pentatonic Scale (B also possible)
“Wow, this is truly a great specimen…I noticed the superority right away when I started to play it…Please keep the awesomeness going! “
Used 2.0 feet Shakuhachi – HashiMoto 橋本 – SOLDOne Piece Bamboo Root End a.k.a. Nobekan Shakuhachi
“I found a german Shakuhachi teacher, who’s played Myoan Style for 25 years and makes Shakuhachi. He complimented the Hashimoto Shakuhachi very much. He was surprised that I bought it at this price. Thanks a lot!!”
New 1.8 feet Shakuhachi – DaiHo 大宝 – SOLDD Minor Pentatonic Standard Shakuhachi Tuning
“The 1.8 flute arrived today all in good order. Many thanks…”
Used 1.8 feet Practice Shakuhachi – TakeHaru 竹治 – SOLDD Minor Pentatonic Standard Shakuhachi Tuning
“I love it. You have taken a lot of time and care in this process and I sincerely appreciate it…I look forward to our next dealings…”
New 1.7 feet Shakuhachi – DaiHo 大宝 – SOLDThick & Heavy Root End @ 432 grams
“I’m in love with this Shakuhachi…”
New 1.2 feet Shakuhachi – No Brand – SOLDYoung Bamboo Root End
Used Suzuki Electric Tai-Sho Koto Harp – SOLD.
Watch Video
“Everything arrived very quickly and I am happy with the Taisho Koto and the 1.2…”

Used Black Suzuki Acoustic Taisho Koto Harp – SOLD
“Just received the instrument. c’est parfait, merci!”

New 2.8 feet F#m Pentatonic Shakuhachi by tkviper
Watch Video

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  1. Fred Croce says:

    I was interested in the 2.2 DaiHo Ji-Ari if it is still available. Where is this flute coming from?

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